UK driving testAre you looking for tips on How to prepare for driving test in UK? here are some helpful tips to ensure your driving test is a success. Most people find the practical driving test one of the most daunting experiences in their lives, therefore, to help you with how to pass your driving test successfully in the UK driving school, please see our top tips below:

Remain Calm – Before the test begins to take a deep breath, forget about your anxieties and have complete focus on your driving. If you take your time and do not rush, you will have a better chance of passing. You and your driving instructor know you can do it you just need to control your nerves!

Remember the Cockpit Drill – Make sure you get off to a great start and show the examiner that you know what to do every time you get into a car. This means making adjustments to the mirrors, seats, and steering. Get yourself comfortable for the test as this will contribute to your success!

Be Observant – Keep your eyes on the road and remember to watch out for any potential hazards throughout your test. Remember to not turn to look at the examiner to ask questions or seek clarification.

Remember the Mirrors – Throughout the test, remember to glance in your mirrors every now and again to show that you are assessing the situation on the road.

Read the Road Signs – Make sure you watch out for any road signs and that you follow these throughout your test. When you need to stop, ensure you do so in plenty of time.

Use the Indicators – Be sure to always use your indicators when you make any left or right turns or when you are preparing to pull in or out.


There are many other tips that you might find useful to do when preparing for your driving test:

Homework – On many occasions pupils will get inside a car and spend 15 to 20 minutes refreshing their memory on what they were doing in the previous lesson. Ensure you reflect on what you learn following a lesson and understand what you have done. This will help on the next the driving school

Mock Test – If you carry out a mock test with your driving instructor, this will show whether you can drive fluently and carry out the required manoeuvres to the required standard. If the mock test is conducted in the same way as an actual test, it will help you learn how to control your nerves during the actual test.

Practice – Driving lessons cost a lot of money and learning to drive is about gaining experience, therefore, in between driving lessons with a driving instructor, why not have some lessons with parents or other suitably qualified people whenever possible. This could help you pick up the techniques with manoeuvres as practice makes perfect!

Driving Conditions – when having driving lessons it is important to drive in as many road conditions as possible. Try to have lessons at different times of the day because your test could take place during the middle of the school run or when the roads are quieter so it would be wise to ensure you have experience of both. Also experience in the rain, dry, day and night would be extremely beneficial to you.

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