How to fix noisy water pipes

fix water pipies

Noisy Water Pipes can be very annoying and at times scary. So, you might be wondering, what is the real cause of the loud water pipes noises and how can you fix them? Here are your answers;

Creaks and cracking sounds

These are caused by the expansion and the contraction of the pipes. This will normally happen, as long as water is running through the pipe and stops to flow at some point. Insulation around the pipe will fix the problem, and if the pipe is running through tight holes, you will need to cut a notch in wood framing it runs through so that the pipe will have free movement as it expands and contract.

Rattling noise

rattling pipesThere could be few issues causing rattling noise, which also means there are few ways to fix this kind of sound. The most common cause of rattling noise is a loose pipe, which could be easily fixed by securing it with pipe clip to wood framing. Ideally, this would mean accessing the pipe through an open area or access panel in the basement, then notice areas that are loose as water flows. Other common causes of rattling is high water pressure, which of course will need to be reduced. A technician can help you fix this problem by adding a reducing valve on your main line.

Whistling noise

If water flows through an obstruction, whistling sounds will be heard. This will often happen m inside a faucet when the screw that holds the washer is loose or when the washer is somehow defective. This means that the likely fix is washer replacement. If the sound comes from the toilet tank, then the problem might be the ballcock valve, especially if the sound stops whenever the tank is filled. The easy fix is to replace the ballcock valve. Adjusting water pressure on the main valve may fix any whistling noise on your system.

Banging noise

Banging noise also referred to as water hammer is the scariest and very common. It’s usually a series of banging noises from the pipe when you turn the tap off. The main cause of water hammer is high water pressure resulting from hydraulic shock waves through the pipe. Hydraulic shock occurs when water has a rapid change in velocity, i.e., speed and direction causing the pipe to shudder. Adding a water hammer arrestor to the pipe can stop the banging noise, but that will most likely involve cutting and soldering the offending pipe so may require an experienced plumber. He may also be able to check your water pressure and adjust it appropriately. Before you call a plumber, you can try turning the tap on at the highest point on your house to remove air, as this may fix the problem temporarily.

The noises you hear are not just annoying, but can also lead to pipe breakages which can be expensive to repair. So, as soon as you notice any awkward noises on your pipe, call a professional plumber to help check the problems and fix them as soon as possible.