The driving test is a fundamental step towards getting more acquainted with driving and obtaining a driving license. Everybody driving on the road is required to own a driver’s license to ascertain his/her qualification to drive. Road test and practical test are more important as they make one to develop more confidence on the road. It takes a substantial amount of time to get ready for the driving test due to mistakes that one may make during the test. Some driving schools in basford strongly warn about the most common mistakes on a driving test,which include;

Incorrect use of the Signal

Incorrect use of the signal will automatically lead to a misleading signal to other road users and may cause accidents. Failure to cancel a signal after a bend or turn is over, is also another mistake that may lead one to fail a driving test.

Inappropriate Speeding

In a driving test, under speeding or over speeding are mistakes that many people make during the test. Speed is very essential in driving and therefore should be monitored with absolute care in order to avoid failing the driving test. It is advisable to glance at the dash board every time to monitor the speedometer and manage the speed.

Failure to Observe Movement at Junction

Many first learners are afraid of maneuvering through a junction during a driving test. Most learners panic a lot when approaching a junction because they don’t want to make a mistake. When in a junction, stop and check both directions and take time to plan the next move and the driving test will be a success.

Inaccurate Road Positioning

Display of poor road positioning and ability to maintain a confident straight route on the road could make one to fail a driving test. It important to concentrate on the road and avoid displaying poor discipline on the roundabouts or even going too far in to the road when negotiating a bend as it may result in failing the test.

Failing to Observe Blind Spots during Reverse Parking

The instructor will be looking at your commitment to fully observing everything going on when reverse parking. It is recommended to use the mirrors and observe clearly the areas the mirrors don’t cover. Check properly for objects moving towards you and your driving test will be a success

Failing to Give Right of Way

On the road, oncoming cars have a right of way in the intersections. If you pull out in front of another car when it has a right of way it will be a mistake and the instructor may note that. Learners must be able to judge gaps very well.

Stopping on Green Lights

When the driver is not able to proceed when the green light arrow is flashed it is a very big road mistake not only in the driving test but also in the road rules.

Feeling Nervous During the Test

Being nervous or stressed can cause one to confidence on the road and be an incompetent driver. It makes one lose focus and lose concentration on the road making them fail the road test.

Refuting Stop signs

This is caused by the learner not well understanding road signs. Failure to stop at road stop sign may lead to n accident and will automatically lead to the road test failure.

Improper Lane Changing

Changing lanes during driving should be done tactically to ensure no fouls occur. It recommended signaling when changing lanes and check mirrors for any blind spots. Changing lanes should be done when the road is clear and watch the traffic in front. This will give you a plus in your driving test.

Despite the fact this mistakes are small and negligible, they are serious enough to cause an accident on the road and make one fail his/her driving test, denying him/her a driving license.

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